Faith Community Nursing



The Parish Health Board is composed of 10 members, 5 from each congregation.            

The Pastor serves as an advisory to the board.

Programs sponsored by the Parish Nurse & Health Board offer creative programs emphasizing wellness. Some of these programs include such activities as health issue awareness Sundays, forums presented for various health topics, CPR training and acquisition of AED’s for each congregation, foot-care clinic, presentations to all ages through Sunday School and VBS, prayer shawl ministry, and diabetic information presentations. The Health Board has also sponsored special events which have included a health fair, a yearly womens' luncheon, Thrivent Financial information, end of life planning and issues.

The Health Board is actively involved in promoting health awareness and healthy living styles for all members. The Parish Nurse is available for all members for consultation and visitation concerning health issues.


Please remember due to federal regulations, hospitals cannot inform the church of your admission without you giving them your permission. Likewise the Pastor and Parish Nurse cannot call or visit you if you are sick without your permission. If you would like a visit please notify the church office secretary at 529-5471 or e-mail


Crutches, Bed Rails, Commodes, Walkers, Cane,    

Urinal, Boot, Shower Stool, Depends,

Toilet Riser, Wrist Brace

Remember if you are in need of Home Medical Equipment,

please contact Marjell or the church office  (529-5471).

Marjell is available on Thursdays from 9am -3pm 

Foot Care Clinic is held every 1st Thursday of the month. Call the office to schedule an appointment.