A very generous gift/service has been given through the Parish Health Board by Steve Brende who is the manager of the North 60th Street Walmart in Sioux Falls and works Monday through Friday days. He is offering to all of the Baltic community for people who wish to receive groceries or items from Walmart to order online what is needed and pay with credit card add Steve’s name as the contact. You must include your name and address as he will DELIVER THEM TO YOUR HOME! What a caring, thoughtful gift to our community. THANK YOU STEVE for your love for our community. Marjell Wendland, RN, FCN

  • Thursday April 9th service will be streamed on East Nidaros Facebook Live and shared with Baltic Facebook Live following  the service.
  • If you would like a link to YouTube for services please send an email to the church office:
  • Easter Brunch at East Nidaros is CANCELLED.
  • All Services are CANCELLED until further notice.  Please join Pastor Randall of Facebook Live Sundays at 10:00 am.

Please Stay Healthy and remember our Heavenly Father welcomes and promises to hear our every prayer.